Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Comenius Meeting "BIH" in Trieste (4th day) and back home

Friday, 18th November, our last day in Italy

Venice is very near Trieste. We went there by train. We enjoyed the canals and the magnificent buildings such as the palazzos and churches you can see from the vapporetto- the water bus-
We saw the gondolas and their sailors in striped t-shirts rowing without rest but with charm. We saw the old and new bridges, all beautiful and spiring. And of course, St. Marcos, a great cathedral, so bright and different with oriental byzantine influences.
Our Turkish colleagues-Sezen and friends- stayed on in Venice to return to their country from there. The rest of us, Marie, Romina, Hannelore, Amgard, Barbara, Melita, Iana, Boris...and Antonio, J. Angel and I, went for a dinner in Trieste, to say goodbye for now, although we are going to keep in contact all the time on the internet, by e-mail and through the Project Web and blog.

On the trip back to Cartagena, Saturday, 19th November

At the end of our trip we were exhausted. We had hardly slept during the previous days, and we even thought in English, the language we had used almost all the time to communicate to most of our European friends, but we were satisfied. These days had been great due to the very good organization of the meeting by Barbara and her colleagues, the wonderful atmosphere among the members of our working group, all the work we had done and the agreements reached, all the interest about our common aims and the beautiful places and people we had got to know.

We hope the "Believing in Humanity" Comenius Project will produce in our schools, teachers and specially students, a greater awareness of solidarity and that our help, in one way or another , will get to people in need.


Comenius Meeting "BIH" in Trieste (3rd day)

The following day, Thursday.

We woke up in our definitive hotel, a normal one in a narrow city centre street, but it was OK. At last, we didn´t have to pull arround our luggage any more, thanks to Barbara, who had found this hotel for us and helped us with everything.
It was Thursday and we went to visit Slovenia. The Italian school invited all of us to go there by bus. First of all, we went to the Postojnska caves which were very interesting. We went into the cave by a special train to see partof the enormous corridors, rooms and fantastic spaces made by the water and the land -karstic rocks- forming stalactites, stalagmites, columns and thousands of different shapes. The cave was more than 20 Km long and there are many others like it in Slovenia. Then, we went to Bled, a beautiful town sorrounding a large lake. In its centre there is a romantic island with a church. We visited the castle and museum on the top of a hill. From there you can see, though the persistent but light mist, one of the most beautiful views you can imagine: the lake, the island, the mountains, the nice houses in the distance...
After lunch, we went to Lublijana,the capital of Slovenia. Going there, the landscape showed the simple and organised modern life based on the countryside and agriculture. When we got to the capital, it was only about half past four in the afternoon, but it was already dark and very cold. In fact, it was freezing. We visited the statue of Preseren, the Slovene poet, the streets, the bridges and the city centre. We took advantage of the opportunity to shop for warm woollen gloves and hats..
When we went back to Trieste we had a dinner of delicious typical Slovenian food. On the way and during the meals we often spoke about how to do the different activities of our project and how to achieve its objectives. These chats were very useful for answering questions and doubts, and for arriving at agreements.
(To be continued...)